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The first Pylon Race under AMA rules was in the mid 50ís. At that time it involved one pilot at a time flying the course against the clock where top honors went to the pilot with the fastest time and completing the required two controlled turns. It would be another 10-15 years before the radio equipment advanced sufficiently to start evolving into the head to head pylon racing we currently enjoy today.

While the AMA Competition Regulations for Radio Control Pylon Racing has Event-Specific Rule Formulas for Event 422: Q-40, 428: Quickie 500, 424: Sport Quickie and 423: 1/2A events, it does not have a Club 40 event. The Club 40 Pylon Racing is more of a regional racing event with rules and procedures left up to the local organizations. However, most of the Club 40 Racing Organizations around the country utilize rules which are aligned with AMA Competition Regulations.

Club 40 Pylon Racing has grown rapidly across the country particularly in Alabama, Florida, Texas and North Carolina. Itís popularity stems from the fact that it allows almost anyone with intermediate or better flying skills to enjoy the sport of pylon racing utilizing relatively inexpensive, readily available equipment. By standardizing the airframe and engines used in Club 40 pylon racing, the flying field was leveled which resulted in some very close races with winning based primarily on pilot skill and not on who has the best or most expensive equipment. Itís the tight turns and close course flying that leads to the Gold Race. With speeds approaching 70 to 80 mph, the close racing has made it a lot more fun for both pilots and spectators as the tight turns and straight away passing of other airplanes raises the level of excitement to rival a NASCAR event.

While pylon racing is an individual endeavor, members of the same R/C Clubs often ride together or caravan to other flying fields to race, not only for individual success, but for the pride of their R/C Club.


No futher races are schedule for the foreseeable future.


Gold Race Winners


 Charlie Poulton - First Place          Jerry Dittmar - Second Place


Dave Wall -Third Place                   Jim Soltysaik - Fourth Place



2013 Champion Points Winners



Charlie Poulton - First Place         Jim Soltysiak - Second Place

Dave Wall - Third Place                  Jerry Dittmar - Fourth Place

John Hartley - Fifth Place (Tie)    Rolando Perez - Fifth Place (Tie)

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